Minimize the impact of unscheduled maintenance

Veryon Diagnostics is the answer for commercial fleets to reduce
delays and cancellations, delivered in a single seamless aviation
management software solution.

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Unscheduled maintenance happens, and Veryon Diagnostics ensures your team is proactive to maximize uptime. 


Maintenance events analyzed each month


Reduction in troubleshooting time


Reduction in delays & cancellations


Lift in fix rate

Act faster

Leverage advanced technology and intelligent data analysis to identify, analyze, and act on unscheduled maintenance events at both the tail and fleet level.


Earlier chronic defect detection

Automatically identify new or changing chronic issues as early as the second repeat, offering a 33% reduction in chronic and repeating defects and helping airlines maintain aircraft availability.


Faster resolution

Immediately validate chronic aircraft defects with collaboration and workflow tools for seamless communication between MOC, reliability, and line maintenance, guaranteeing a single source of truth.


Initial symptom profiles

Easily identify solutions to a defect and access relevant manuals or guided troubleshooting with a single click.


Mobile apps

Diagnostics mobile provides your teams secure and reliable access to your data and guided troubleshooting on the go from anywhere in the world.


Key features

Chronic identification

Automatically analyze and group defect text using natural language processing and machine learning.

Custom notifications

Configure custom alerts and notifications based on defects to instantly notify your team.

Fleet level clustering

Effortlessly identify defect patterns across your entire fleet or within specific aircraft types.

First time fix

Automatically determine if a fix on a defect successfully resolved the issue without causing a recurrence.


Identify chronic defects with spelling variations, synonyms, abbreviations and more.

Configurable dashboards, reports, and filtering

Create dashboards and filter, and sort reports using custom data elements to analyze defects and chronic trends.

Guided diagnostics

Step-by-step aviation troubleshooting guide using a series of specific and dynamically delivered questions and answer options.

Centralized collaboration

Activity feed and notes empower your technicians to create a smarter feedback loop by connecting them with colleagues and OEMs using images, video, and notes to assist with troubleshooting.

Intelligent symptom search

Quickly search and identify potential fixes faster using the symptoms, description, ATA, hyperlinks or codes.

Veryon diagnostics improves aircraft availability by combining the capabilities of Defect Analysis and Guided Troubleshooting.

The Veryon fleet management software suite provides everything you need to run your operation effectively. This fully integrated solution is proven to reduce delays and cancellations, save time, and increase aircraft uptime in a modern and secure cloud-based environment.


Defect analysis

Automatic identification of chronic aircraft problems, recurring defect resolution management, and defect analysis.

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Guided troubleshooting

Fault isolation solution providing interactive and collaborative aircraft troubleshooting while capturing new field experience.

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