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Access your aircraft maintenance manuals and regulatory publications all in one place.

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Making aviation safer and more reliable.

Aviation software and information services.

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Effectively plan helicopter maintenance and track fleet compliance
with software that provides accurate and insightful data in a
user-friendly interface.

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Aviation maintenance and CAMO software that maximizes the availability and effectiveness of your fleet.

Efficiently manage the continuing airworthiness of rotary aircraft with software designed to meet even the most stringent of regulatory requirements. Record and monitor all maintenance records for aircraft and components from user-configured dashboards and intelligently forecast and plan future maintenance activities.


Key features

Fleet management

Stay up-to-date with the status of your fleet through customizable dashboards and notifications highlighting the information most important to you. 

Configuration management

Maintain the allowable configuration for aircraft, from the airframe through complex major assemblies down to individual components.

Penalty factors

Configure and track a wide range of penalty factors for multiple scenarios, which are automatically applied when an aircraft conducts a relevant flight.

Technical logs & defects

Process traditional technical logs or integrate with an e-techlog solution to easily update and track component life and swiftly rectify defects.

Maintenance planning

Forecast maintenance activities based on a wide range of scenarios, using aircraft utilization data for accurate due dates.

Technical publications

Manage ADs & SBs, maintenance manuals, and maintenance programs from the OEM. Save time by creating digital task cards automatically from OEM publications.

Featured integrations 

Unlock seamless workflows and amplify productivity with our B2B SaaS solution's robust API integrations, empowering your business to effortlessly connect and streamline critical tools, ensuring a cohesive and responsive tech stack tailored to your business needs.

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Veryon connects multiple aviation operations into one integrated software solution. 

Veryon Tracking+ (formerly Rusada ENVISION) provides everything you need to run your operations effectively. This fully integrated solution is proven to eliminate inefficiencies, reduce costs, and increase aircraft uptime in a modern and secure cloud-based environment.


MRO management


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Inventory management


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Flight operations


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Business support


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