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How AirTanker optimized
their operations with
Veryon Tracking+

Veryon Tracking+ (formerly Rusada ENVISION) delivered AirTanker
an integrated management solution, giving them better visibility
into their operations and making them more efficient than ever.

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About the customer

AirTanker delivers aircraft, infrastructure, service, training, and expertise supporting Voyager, the RAF's new generation multi-role tanker and transport aircraft.

The AirTanker fleet consists of 14 Airbus A330 Multi Role Tanker Transport (MRTT), an aerial refueling aircraft based on the civilian Airbus A330. Their multi-role capabilities include air transport as a 291-seat passenger jet, air cargo, and an aeromedical role. They can also operate as civilian aircraft, and AirTanker offers that service under an ACMI (aircraft, crew, maintenance, and insurance) basis to airlines that want additional charter capacity.


Oxfordshire, United Kingdom



Company size


The challenge

AirTanker was finding it difficult to manage the complexities of specialist aircraft operations using a legacy software system. Their lack of visibility and access to data led to slower turn-around times and divisions within their organization.

The outcome

The implementation of Veryon Tracking+ brought significant benefits to AirTanker's maintenance operations. With one solution generating their reports and tracking activities, the team was able to remove additional bolt-on systems, access their data in real time, and improve the reliability of their operation. 

"A great benefit of Veryon Tracking+ is that it's had a calming influence on the people I work with because they can now trust the data in the system. Veryon Tracking+ has taken away some of that administrative burden and has improved the situation awareness within the organization."

Paul Crathorn | AirTanker

Trusting your data

Upon implementing Veryon Tracking+, the AirTanker team could turn to one system as their single source of truth for data. The team immediately reported a clear improvement in trust and cooperation between departments.

With improved visibility, teams can work cross-functionally, knowing their work is being updated in real-time. 

Customer support and onboarding experience 

The AirTanker team was very satisfied with the customer onboarding process and support, participating in weekly meetings with Veryon’s Customer Success team. The behind-the-scenes IT support the Veryon team provided was also appreciated, helping AirTranker seamlessly integrate the system into their maintenance operations.


In conclusion, Veryon Tracking+ has optimized AirTanker's operations. By implementing Veryon Tracking+, they were able to:

  1. Increase Uptime: Using one integrated system for their core operations means the AirTanker team can operate more efficiently, knowing they have the most up-to-date data.
  2. Plan Proactively: As Veryon Tracking+ provides key reporting metrics within the system, forecasting and planning become much simpler tasks that can be carried out more frequently.
  3. Improve Situational Awareness: With the team in one system, everyone at AirTanker can perform vital business functions without interrupting users' workflow in other departments.  

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