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ATP Information Services and SchweizerRSG Sign Exclusive Agreement for Technical Publication Distribution Using the ATP Aviation Hub™ Cloud Application

ATP Information Services and SchweizerRSG Sign Exclusive Agreement for Technical Publication Distribution Using the ATP Aviation Hub™ Cloud Application
ATP San Francisco Offices


ATP’s Cloud-Based Distribution Will Ensure that Maintainers Have Immediate Access to the Latest Maintenance and Compliance Information for SchweizerRSG aircraft.

BRISBANE, CALIFORNIA – July 9, 2018 – ATP   — the premier provider of information tools and services for the aviation industry — and SchweizerRSG today announced an exclusive partnership to offer maintenance providers the industry’s most advanced technical publication service, which is available as a single source solution that can include airframe, engine and other components. With the partnership, maintenance providers working on 269 series helicopters will be able to dramatically boost productivity while cutting costs and repair times.

The agreement covers all variants of 269 series helicopters, which are now integrated into ATP® Maintenance Libraries, the industry’s most comprehensive, single-source maintenance and regulatory publication resource. Through the ATP Aviation Hub™ Cloud Application, subscribers have a convenient way to find the most up to date publications required to keep the aircraft safe and airworthy while also preventing costly regulatory lapses. ATP will ensure customers receive the most up-to-date content by distributing any new updates through the company’s daily revision services.

“It was important to Schweizer that a quality, supported platform be selected for the management of the publications to ensure ease of access and use for owners, operators and maintenance providers.  The ATP Maintenance Library enables maintainers to have access to the most current publications, inspection, and repair information for 269 Series aircraft literally at their fingertips,” said David Horton, President of SchweizerRSG. “This partnership represents our commitment to timely and required information dissemination through an established channel in the marketplace to support the Schweizer product line,” he added.

Maintenance operations working on 269 Series Helicopters will also benefit from productivity and accessibility tools such as the ATP Aviation Hub™ Mobile App, which provides convenient online and offline access to mission critical maintenance, operating, and regulatory content; and the company’s “Profile & Compliance” tool, which ensures proper compliance tracking for Airworthiness Directives (ADs) and Service Bulletins (SBs).

“By leveraging ATP’s information tools and services, maintenance professionals working on Schweizer series helicopters will be able to service the aircraft better, faster and more accurately in order to ensure optimal safety, reliability and availability,” said Ted Haugner, Vice President of OEM sales for ATP. “This partnership enables SchweizerRSG to leverage our core competencies in serving the specialized information needs of maintenance professionals.”

Under the partnership, SchweizerRSG will take advantage of ATP’s core competencies in advanced content distribution, revision management, publication management, and subscription management for maintenance and technical information. Subscribers will also be supported by ATP’s world-class customer service center, global network of channel partners, and the company’s deep experience in aviation maintenance, operations and regulatory information.

Libraries are available for individual SchweizerRSG models or a complete bundled library covering all SchweizerRSG 269 Series models. All libraries include FAA Airworthiness Directives and manufacturer services bulletins related to the aircraft. Annual subscriptions can be purchased in ATP’s online store for immediate, online access to content or by calling an ATP sales representative.


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ATP is the leading provider of aviation software and information services.

Our innovative product lines, including Flightdocs, Aviation Hub, ChronicX, and SpotLight, reduce operating costs, improve aircraft reliability, and support technical knowledge sharing and collaboration in all aviation and aerospace industry sectors.

The products and services of ATP support more than 75,000 aircraft maintenance professionals worldwide. As a global company, ATP has more than 7,500 customers in 137 countries and partnerships with over 90 OEMs.



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