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Frost goes for Veryon Tracking+

Frost goes for Veryon Tracking+

Swedish charter airline Frost, has selected Veryon Tracking+ to manage its airworthiness and maintenance activities.

The recent start-up provides ad-hoc and specialist charter flights from its base at Malmö airport utilizing a fleet of four Saab 2000’s. There are also plans to add further aircraft to the fleet in the near future.


Frost will utilize our Fleet Management module to manage their aircraft configuration, reliability & serviceability, technical records, and forecasting, planning, and scheduling maintenance activities.

“It was very important for us to find a modern and technologically advanced solution that could foster a paperless environment for our operations,” said Erik Nordén, Continuing Airworthiness Manager at Frost. “This includes the utilization of mobile devices for various inputs, plus integration with 3rd party systems so we can feed in real-time journey data, two things that were at the top of our wish list.”

“We selected Tracking+ as we were seeking a solution that we could adopt quickly and with assured success,” adds Jonas Johnsson, Accountable Manager & Maintenance Manager at Frost. “From initial contact and throughout the evaluation process, Veryon has proven to have outstanding and forthcoming levels of customer support. We feel confident going forward, knowing we can rely on their personnel to steer us through this project.”

Our Client Services teams will now kick off the implementation process with a view to getting Frost live on the system in the next couple of months.

Julian Stourton of Veryon commented, “Frost was assessing a number of suppliers for their requirements, so I am glad we were able to prove the benefits that Veryon will bring and the credentials of our team, who have once again done an outstanding job during the evaluation process.

“Our work with other operators in Scandinavia also helped in their decision-making, proving that a happy customer leads to more customers.”