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Veryon launches PDF Task Integrator for Tracking+

Veryon launches PDF Task Integrator for Tracking+

Veryon are pleased to announce the launch of a new PDF Task Integrator for our Tracking+ solution.

The PDF Task Integrator facilitates digitalizing customer task cards and work packages for MROs and third-party maintenance providers. The PDF Task Integrator can read uploaded PDFs through newly developed functionality, identifying critical information such as the Task Number, Task Title, Work Area, Trades, Skills, Hours, and more, and highlighting signoffs. The tool can then use this discovered information to link the customer's PDF task cards to work orders and tasks already created in Veryon Tracking+.

"This new functionality saves users significant amounts of time and effort," said Peter Mortimer, our Head of Sales & Business Development for the Americas & APAC. "Previously, maintenance providers would be required to recreate customer task cards individually in their system before they could start planning work. In cases of large work packages, this could be thousands of different task cards. Our new tool eliminates this process completely."

Once the task cards are digitalized, users can add additional feedback requirements and designate skill applicability against the signoffs. When the work has been completed, technicians and engineers can sign off electronically. The finished task can then be provided back to the customer as a PDF with all their preferred formatting still in place.

"Veryon's latest tool makes PDFs far more functional and easier to use," comments Julian Stourton. "It also heavily reduces the chance of input errors and non-compliance as feedback fields can be defined, and signoffs are validated against the user's stamp in the system." 

Stourton adds, "Above all, though, it fully removes the need for paper records and physical signatures in maintenance facilities, something that everyone in the industry is striving for."

If you'd like to see our PDF Task Integrator in action, view our webinar on the tool, which features a detailed demonstration of its functionality.