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Digital Task Cards

Streamline the management of your library of task cards by automating,
authoring & signing off digitally.

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Gone are the days of using paper, spreadsheets, or any other offline solution to manage inflexible static task cards. It's time to go digital!

Save time

Veryon Fleet Management enables OEM manuals and maintenance programs to be integrated directly into your Veryon Tracking+ system.

The data from these can then be used to create an entire library of digital maintenance task cards. When OEMs release a revision, the updated documents can be re-uploaded and all relevant task cards are automatically updated.


Stay compliant

By linking with the Veryon Business Support, you can ensure that only users with the correct qualifications and approval stamps can sign-off maintenance activities, allowing you to remain fully compliant.


Add your own content

Veryon Tracking+ digital task cards can be augmented with:

  • New task procedures
  • Alternate task procedures
  • Supplementary task procedures
  • User-defined fields
  • Useful hyperlinks
  • Electronic sign-off
This customized content will remain intact upon an OEM revision update, so you don't have to redo all your hard work.

Go paperless

Once your digital task cards are set up, technicians and engineers can access them on the go with our Veryon MRO Management mobile app. They can request parts and tools, capture photos, and electronically sign off as they work. The app can also utilize the device's hardware to verify users and their actions via fingerprint scan or facial recognition.


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