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Digitize PDF task cards and work packages from your
customers with Veryon Tracking+.

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Veryon Tracking+ enables you manage PDF task cards in a format that works for you and your customers. 

Save time

Veryon Tracking+ lets you upload customer task cards, or a whole work package directly into the system. It can identify the task number, task title, trades, skills, hours, and more. It uses the identified task number to link the PDF task cards to the corresponding work order in your system, creating digital versions in the process.

If new tasks weren't part of the original work order, then no problem. Veryon Tracking+ can create any new tasks automatically during the process.


Stay compliant

Veryon Tracking+ can identify sign-offs within the card and make them more functional by allowing users to designate specific skills against each sign-off.

If a sign-off is missed, the user conducting the work will be given a warning, as the system knows where a sign-off is expected, and validates accordingly. This helps eliminate errors and keeps you compliant.


Add your own content

Once PDF task cards are in Veryon Tracking+, they can be augmented with:

  • Additional measurements
  • Numeric feedback
  • Text feedback
  • Date capture

Go paperless

Veryon Tracking+ successfully eliminates one of the last barriers to paperless operations. All your task cards can be accessed, executed, and signed off via PC or mobile device.

Once all the work is complete, you can supply your customer with the completed PDF task cards in their preferred format and with all digital signatures in place.


See it in action!

Get a detailed demonstration of PDF task integration by watching our webinar on the functionality.

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