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Single Source Documentation Hub

With online and offline capabilities, Veryon Technical Publications brings aircraft technical maintenance and regulatory publications together in one app for quick and compliant action.



Veryon Launches AI-Powered Chat Assistant

A new product that facilitates guided and rapid troubleshooting for aircraft maintenance professionals, providing extensive access to thousands of content pages within Veryon Publications.

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New Veryon Publications Mobile App Now Available

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Veryon Technical Publications, formerly ATP Aviation Hub, simplifies information access, increases productivity, and supports compliance and safety.










Aviation technical publications and aircraft maintenance manuals from leading OEMs

Single source

Access publications for airframes, engines, APUs, propellers, wheels, brakes, batteries, starters, heaters, and other equipment from one central application.

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Improved productivity

Connect to documentation 20x faster than competitors with easy-to-use search tools and the ability to access data across multiple publications and manufacturers.


Maintain compliance

Perform complete AD searches for any aircraft, securely store relevant compliance information online, and allow users to print customized compliance reports.


Key features

Comprehensive access

Access aviation technical publications covering airframes, engines, and components from hundreds of manufacturers.

Advanced search

Cross-functional and advanced search features have been proven to be twenty times faster than traditional methods.

Continuous availability

Online and offline capabilities guarantee access to aircraft technical publications and regulatory content.

Compliance reports

Compile, generate, and save customizable reports for compliance including regulatory data, and aviation technical publications.

Daily alerts

Receive daily email alerts for ADs, SBs, Veryon Publications subscriptions, and other related compliance updates.

Robust API

Integrate Veryon Technical Publications in aviation with a secure and tokenized authentication API for full access to the Veryon Publications platform.

Guarantee compliance

The Profile & Compliance module effortlessly builds a mandatory compliance and tracking report from your regulatory content subscription and records actions taken to ensure the airworthiness of your aircraft. Users can easily access ADs, SBs, compliance records, and pertinent airframe and engine documentation from the aircraft profile in one glance.

Technical aviation maintenance publications, fully integrated

Veryon Publications and Veryon Tracking are fully integrated. Access your full library of aircraft tech pubs and regulatory content with just one click from within the Veryon Tracking platform.

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What sets Veryon Publications apart from other solutions?

There's the other guys, and then there's Veryon. Watch this playful video on why Veryon is the top choice for a single source documentation hub hub providing over 160,000 technical publications from 100 OEMs all in one place. 


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