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With Veryon Tracking, this Alaska based 121 regional airline
enhanced efficiencies and collaboration across their operation and
achieved real-time accessibility to aircraft data.

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About the customer

Sterling Airways is a 121 regional airline based in Alaska, specializing in scheduled services. With a fleet of four Saab 2000s and over 60 years of aviation expertise, Sterling is committed to upholding the highest standards of safety, customer service, and professionalism. Operating under the esteemed Alaska brand Aleutian Airways, Sterling provides secure and dependable travel experiences, instilling confidence in every partner and passenger at every stage of their journey.

In the challenging landscape of regional aviation, Sterling Airways sought to enhance its fleet management practices meeting the growing operation's demands. Katie Brents, the Maintenance Records Manager with 22 years of aviation experience, identified the need for a more advanced and accessible solution. That's when she came across Veryon Tracking, forging a strategic partnership that would play a pivotal role in revolutionizing Sterling Airways' approach to fleet management.


Anchorage, Alaska 



Company size


The challenge

Before adopting Veryon Tracking, Sterling Airways faced challenges integrating its maintenance records effectively. The transition from a charter-focused operation to scheduled services brought about the need for a more sophisticated system that could streamline processes and enhance collaboration between departments. The prior use of CAMP systems and the simultaneous adoption of Veryon Tracking highlighted the need for a more advanced and flexible solution. 

The outcome

With the challenges of implementing a user-friendly and efficient maintenance system, Sterling Airways discovered the ideal solution in Veryon Tracking's web-based platform. The maintenance team conducted a seamless remote onboarding process, streamlining operations and establishing the groundwork for integrated fleet management. Addressing the need for advanced reporting and interface flexibility, Veryon Tracking's highly customizable interface empowered the maintenance department during the transition from CAMP systems, fostering better communication between different departments. The success was further accentuated by Veryon's responsive customer service, extending beyond issue resolution to participate in training sessions actively.

"It's great to have a web-based system because when we first started, we didn't have a hangar space. We didn't have any aircraft in the States. We were onboarding, working, training, and doing everything in the system, and we could do it remotely from home. Whereas with other systems I've had, it's hard to install on the company desktop. I think everybody appreciated that."

Katie Brents | Maintenance Records Manager

Real-time accessibility and remote onboarding

Sterling Airways valued Veryon's web-based capabilities, allowing remote onboarding, training, and work from anywhere. This flexibility was crucial during the initial stages when the airline lacked hangar space for in-person collaborative work.

Beyond streamlining onboarding, this showcased Veryon Tracking's adaptability to diverse operational needs. The real-time accessibility allowed for efficient team collaboration, laying the foundation for a unified and interconnected fleet management approach.

Veryon Tracking's web-based system proved to be a game-changer for the Sterling Airways team. Despite the lack of physical hangar space, having the freedom to work remotely within Veryon Tracking enabled their team to stay ahead of their duties.

Advanced reporting and interface flexibility

Veryon Tracking, as highlighted by Katie Brents, offered unparalleled flexibility and ease of use. The advanced reporting capabilities and customizable interface allowed the maintenance department to generate comprehensive reports tailored precisely to meet the unique needs of their operation. 

This adaptability became crucial during the transition from CAMP to a more unified, efficient workflow within Veryon Tracking. The platform's innate flexibility not only streamlined reporting processes but also empowered the maintenance team to navigate the intricacies of their evolving operation easily, setting a new standard for efficiency and versatility in the aviation industry.

Veryon Tracking's adaptability proved essential in managing the transition from CAMP. 

"We wanted something more advanced, something more accessible. Veryon Tracking is really flexible. It's not limiting by any means. You can do what you need to. On the maintenance side, their big priority on reports is how you see things and read them and not be confused. Everything in Veryon Tracking has always generated a great report and that was actually a big sell on it."

Katie Brents | Maintenance Records Manager

Responsive customer service and feature requests 

Sterling Airways commended Veryon's customer service team for their responsiveness and expertise. The team at Veryon surpassed standard support, catering to training needs and promptly addressing any issues. 

Beyond troubleshooting and guidance, the introduction of a feature request system showcased Veryon's proactive commitment to user satisfaction and continuous improvement. Having experienced the responsive nature of the customer service team, Sterling Airways found that their feedback was heard and actively incorporated into the platform's evolution. 

This collaborative approach not only strengthened the partnership between Sterling Airways and Veryon but also positioned Veryon as a provider that values and acts upon the insights and needs of its users.

“Everybody is very responsive. You also have weekend and night availability, so that's been great. I appreciate learning workarounds from others, and customer service reps are familiar with the system enough to help. I genuinely believe I have made friends with some of the people I've worked with at Veryon and throughout managing functions and through training. Everybody is very friendly, and I believe that.”



In collaboration with Veryon Tracking, Sterling Airways successfully overcame its fleet management challenges, establishing a more efficient and integrated system. The combination of real-time accessibility, advanced reporting, and responsive customer service positioned Veryon as an invaluable partner in Sterling Airways' journey toward operational excellence.

This case study exemplifies the transformative power of strategic partnerships and underscores Veryon Tracking's commitment to providing tailored solutions for the aviation industry. 

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