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Discover the Future of Aircraft Maintenance with Veryon at Airline and Aerospace MRO and Flight Operations IT Conference

Discover the Future of Aircraft Maintenance with Veryon at Airline and Aerospace MRO and Flight Operations IT Conference

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — Veryon, a leading provider of information services and software solutions for the aviation industry, recently announced its upcoming attendance at the Airline and Aerospace MRO and Flight Operations IT Conference in Amsterdam, the Netherlands at the Hotel NH Noordwijk Conference Centre on June 4–5, 2024.  

At the event, Veryon will showcase how airlines, operators, and MROs can minimize the impact of unscheduled maintenance through two of its products: Veryon Tracking+ and Veryon Diagnostics. As an end-to-end aircraft management platform for commercial airlines, MROs, rotary, and military operations, Veryon Tracking+ delivers comprehensive cloud-based software for fleet management, maintenance, inventory, and flight operations. Championed by 25 percent of the worldwide commercial fleet, Veryon Diagnostics sets the industry standard in improving aircraft availability by reducing troubleshooting time by nearly 50 percent and lifting first-time fix rates by over 5 percent.

"In an industry where every minute matters, Veryon is committed to providing innovative solutions that help airlines, operators, and MROs manage the challenges of unscheduled maintenance," said Norman Happ, Chief Executive Officer of Veryon. "Our cutting-edge solutions are transforming how aircraft operators handle maintenance, ensuring compliance, reducing downtime, and increasing efficiency."


During the vendor showcase on Tuesday, June 4, at 4:15 p.m. in Boston 12/14, Dave Purfurst, Global Pre-sales Director for Veryon, will discuss how these platforms improve aircraft availability and how AI enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of maintenance and reliability teams.

Visit Veryon at Stand 62 to explore our complete suite of aviation maintenance solutions.  


About Veryon

Veryon is the leading provider of aviation software and information services, supporting a global network of more than 75,000 aircraft maintenance professionals and over 7,600 customers in nearly 175 countries worldwide. We help everyone from business aviation teams and MROs to airlines and OEMs get their aircraft more uptime. Challenges like unscheduled repairs, part availability, and excessive paperwork lead to too many aircraft spending too much time on the ground. And that leads to needless delays, endless back and forth, and lots of wasted dollars. The key to more uptime is having a better technology platform to manage everything from maintenance and operations to manuals and diagnostics.

That's why thousands of aircraft operators, 25% of the worldwide commercial fleet, and over 100 OEMs all rely on Veryon. And it's why customers have been able to achieve an average 23% improvement in aircraft downtime cost. Veryon. Let's get you more uptime. Learn more at veryon.com.


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