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Veryon Brings AI-Powered Solutions to PBEXPO in Miami

Veryon Brings AI-Powered Solutions to PBEXPO in Miami

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.— Veryon, a leading provider of information services and software solutions for the aviation industry, recently announced its upcoming attendance at the PBEXPO, the number one trade show in aviation and aerospace, on March 7-8, 2024, at the Miami Beach Convention Center. The annual event celebrates the leaders, innovators, and technologies that build a stronger, more connected aviation community together. Veryon will showcase its Veryon Diagnostics platform during the two-day event.  

Championed by 25 percent of the worldwide commercial fleet, Veryon Diagnostics sets the industry standard in improving aircraft availability by reducing troubleshooting time by nearly 50 percent and lifting first-time-fix rates by over 5 percent. The solution combines the power of Defect Analysis and Guided Troubleshooting tools into a single, seamless software solution designed for commercial operators and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

"With Veryon Diagnostics, our innovative approach, bolstered by cutting-edge AI technologies like machine learning and natural language processing, revolutionizes how maintenance challenges are tackled," said Norman Happ, Chief Executive Officer at Veryon. "It's not just about diagnosing issues; it's about predicting, preventing, and ultimately transforming how we navigate unscheduled maintenance."

Analyzing over 765,000 maintenance events monthly, Veryon Diagnostics accelerates customer responsiveness in unscheduled maintenance by leveraging machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), and a custom case-based reasoning engine. The result is swift identification, analysis, and remedy at both the tail and fleet levels.

Veryon Diagnostics helps identify chronic issues early, starting from the second occurrence. This leads to a 33% decrease in chronic issues. Maintenance technicians can improve their ability to fix issues the first time by using a special diagnostic engine. This engine learns from real-world experience and helps troubleshoot aviation problems faster. As a result, there's less downtime for equipment and lower repair costs, leading to fewer delays and cancellations.

"In today's aviation landscape, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence isn't just an advantage, it's a necessity," remarks Happ. "At Veryon, we're proud to pioneer AI-driven solutions that redefine maintenance efficiency and elevate the aviation experience. We're excited to showcase this AI-powered paradigm shift at PBEXPO, setting a new standard for the industry."

Attendees are encouraged to stop by booth no. 4080 for a live demonstration of Veryon Diagnostics and discover firsthand how to minimize the impact of unscheduled maintenance.

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About Veryon

Veryon is the leading provider of aviation software and information services, supporting a global network of more than 75,000 aircraft maintenance professionals and over 7,600 customers in nearly 150 countries worldwide. We help everyone from business aviation teams and MROs to airlines and OEMs get their aircraft more uptime. Challenges like unscheduled repairs, part availability, and excessive paperwork lead to too many aircraft spending too much time on the ground. And that leads to needless delays, endless back and forth, and lots of wasted dollars. The key to more uptime is having a better technology platform to manage everything from maintenance and operations to manuals and diagnostics.

That’s why thousands of aircraft operators, 25% of the worldwide commercial fleet, and over 100 OEMs all rely on Veryon. And it’s why customers have been able to achieve an average 23% improvement in aircraft downtime cost. Veryon. Let’s get you more uptime. Learn more at  


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