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The Benefits Of Adopting A Modern Aircraft Inventory Management Software Solution

The Benefits Of Adopting A Modern Aircraft Inventory Management Software Solution

In the world of purchasing, paper still holds a lot of power. Even with the digitization of documents, we often don’t maximize our technology potential by automating and controlling the process. The fact is, although we have digital files, we are still printing, signing, scanning, sending, filing and then having to find again.

Considerations For Modern Inventory Management

In today’s world, there are tools that are designed to increase oversight of the purchasing process. These technologies use electronic and paperless workflows to oversee the initial parts request to the receiving and installation. With them, you can automate the processes that allow for specialized personnel permissions throughout the inventory life cycle, in addition to keeping track of requests as they come in and as they are disseminated to the vendors for quotes and acquisitions.

Have a parts and/or service agreement? Using a paperless purchasing mindset can help you keep track of all your parts, where they are, what their status is and who signed for them in a secure system that can be accessed and reported on with the click of a mouse or a tap on the screen.

Let’s think about access to your inventory and purchasing process and records today. Consider the following questions:

  • Are your inventory and purchasing processes and records in one location?
  • Do you even have a system? Is your spreadsheet saved on your local computer?
  • Do you have a software package that helps you with inventory? If so, do you like it?
  • Can you access your information from anywhere? More so, can you find the information you need in just a couple of clicks?
  • Do you have a parts subscription or service?
  • Are you able to track and access information on parts that have been returned?
  • Can you answer questions and submit proof within minutes and click and respond?

Technician on inventory management system

The Benefits Of Adopting An Inventory Management Solution

Accessibility Across Multiple Platforms

Today’s technology allows you to utilize a cloud-based service, which not only ensures accessibility across multiple platforms but also secures the data and backs it up. Imagine utilizing a sophisticated system where you can access information on your computer, a tablet or a smartphone to reply to a request from your maintenance team. With it, you can research, initiate, submit and accept from any method you choose and from anywhere you have an internet connection. Aviation is a 24/7/365 industry and, many times, there are instances where you are not in the office, but your position requires you to be able to handle requests at a moment’s notice, any time, night or day. So, retire the PO binder and simplify with efficient and intuitive technologies.

Control Over Permissions and Access

The key to keeping effective inventory is knowledge, understanding and control of the flow of parts and materials in an operation. Operators like Reva Inc., are realizing significant control and visibility of their inventory simply by losing the paper and adopting technology. By implementing electronic or paperless workflows, you take control of the process as well as the materials. Software applications should allow for different levels of permissions and access. Say you want your floor techs to be able to view your inventory and see if a part is already available, but you do not want them to be able to issue a PO and work directly with the vendor. This is easily handled with different permissions. You simply assign the right people for the approval process in the work flow, you get a notification, you make your decision and then you push it to the next step.

Peace of Mind

The control allows you to effectively manage inventory levels and cost while also delegating pieces of the process to individuals as is appropriate. Imagine a scenario where you aren’t chasing down a handwritten or modified PO in a binder if it’s even there. Imagine a scenario where you feel confident in your processes and know that you have the control mechanisms in place to ensure the quality of parts and services necessary to support your flight department and its people.

A paperless purchasing and inventory control system doesn’t have to be complicated. The system should be efficient and intuitive. It should have easy-to-understand parts and purchasing management philosophy that enhances your operations, not hinders it. Embrace a new approach that allows for you to manage, control and execute inventory and purchasing the way it should be done in the 21st century.

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