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New Enhancements to the ATP Aviation Hub Revealed

New Enhancements to the ATP Aviation Hub Revealed
ATP San Francisco Offices


Launch of Production 2.0 provides real-time distribution of the latest OEM content and airworthiness directives to over 45,000 aircraft maintenance technicians worldwide.

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA – March 03, 2020 – ATP®, a leading provider of information services and software solutions for the aviation industry, recently celebrated the release of Production 2.0, a new back-end solution to support the publishing and distribution of maintenance manuals and airworthiness directives on the company’s Aviation Hub platform.

The cloud-based ATP Aviation Hub streamlines maintenance workflows and improves processes with anywhere, anytime access to ATP® Libraries, ATP Parts, and ATP Maintenance. Subscribers have access to trusted and current information through a simple and intuitive web browser interface, making the ATP Aviation Hub Cloud Application an indispensable tool for general aviation.

With the new release of Production 2.0, the information shared on the ATP Aviation Hub can be published in real-time, greatly reducing the time between when an airworthiness directive is released or a manual is updated, and when it can be in the hands of the platform’s more than 45,000 users world-wide. Being the single source for accessing technical manuals from a wide variety of OEMS and airworthiness directives from both the FAA and EASA, these enhancements in delivery time make the ATP Aviation Hub even more valuable for current and future users.

“The ATP Aviation Hub is the industry’s only single-source network for accessing technical manuals and airworthiness directives from multiple OEMs”, noted Rick Noble, CEO of ATP. “For decades, it has greatly reduced the amount of time and effort required by maintenance technicians in finding the right information to ensure their aircraft is safe and ready for take-off. This new release will make the experience even faster and better, and I am exceptionally proud of the great team here at ATP who collaborated and delivered on this exciting new enhancement for the platform.” 

With Production 2.0, the new backend sets the stage for ATP to deliver a whole new set of solutions and features for the user as well as the OEMs who rely on the platform to distribute their content. This initial investment in Production 2.0 is the first of many enhancements planned for 2020 and beyond, as ATP continues to improve the platform to support its global network of users dedicated to safe and reliable air travel.


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ATP is the leading provider of aviation software and information services.

Our innovative product lines, including Flightdocs, Aviation Hub, ChronicX, and SpotLight, reduce operating costs, improve aircraft reliability, and support technical knowledge sharing and collaboration in all aviation and aerospace industry sectors.

The products and services of ATP support more than 75,000 aircraft maintenance professionals worldwide. As a global company, ATP has more than 7,500 customers in 137 countries and partnerships with over 90 OEMs.

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