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3 min read

From Downtime to Uptime: Solving Common Aviation Challenges with Defect Analysis and Smart Troubleshooting

From Downtime to Uptime: Solving Common Aviation Challenges with Defect Analysis and Smart Troubleshooting

Aviation has entered a new era thanks to modern aircraft and rapid technological advancements. To stay competitive, aircraft operators must embrace cutting-edge technology and aviation-specific software solutions. This blog post explores how defect analysis and guided troubleshooting can address common aviation issues, providing a centralized platform for improved efficiency, reduced costs, and enhanced safety.

To address aviation challenges like recurring defects and guided troubleshooting, it's crucial to integrate software that focuses on defect analysis and maintenance. The right software choice enhances productivity, reduces costs, and improves safety through centralized management of aviation operations.

In this blog, we'll delve into solutions tailored for guided troubleshooting and defect analysis to tackle common aviation issues.

What are the advantages of guided troubleshooting?

Veryon Guided Troubleshooting is trusted by manufacturers and aircraft operators around the world for a reason. Not only does it enable organizations to monitor, maintain, and collaborate on all unscheduled maintenance, but it also helps technicians significantly improve fix rates and reduce overall equipment downtime and total repair costs, the first time, by using a smart diagnostic reasoning engine that continually optimizes the aircraft troubleshooting process. Even a technician that is working with unfamiliar equipment and symptoms can feel confident with just-in-time training that offers customizable documentation, videos, and pictures to assist.

When an aircraft issue presents itself, it’s undoubtedly frustrating, but here’s how guided troubleshooting can step in to help:

  1. Smarter Aviation Troubleshooting: Promote best-in-class aircraft troubleshooting processes by presenting tests in the most logical order, giving context-sensitive documentation at each step, and refining the possible solution lists and tests in real time based on provided answers.
    • A step-by-step aviation guide is prepared that uses a series of specific and dynamically delivered question-and-answer options to help solve the problem. 
  2. Better Aircraft Fix-Rates: Accelerate mean time to repair, reduce no-fault-found parts, and increase equipment availability. With a more reliable fleet and fewer wasted parts, operators can see immediate savings on maintenance costs alone.
  3. Knowledge Accumulation: Effectively capture field experience from your entire team to ensure that the best fix to a maintenance issue is shared globally while delivering the fastest and most cost-effective aviation troubleshooting paths and solutions every time.
  4. Cross-Platform Access: Whether you have online or offline access, with a simple touch, you’re provided with quick and immediate access to key information via the desktop application, web app, or mobile app.
  5. Centralized Collaboration: No matter what industry you’re in, communication is key. With messaging and session-sharing features, technicians can connect with colleagues in other locations to assist with troubleshooting.
  6. Fleet View: A real-time tool is necessary for aircraft operations. This feature allows you to view all active aircraft troubleshooting and help desk escalations for centralized monitoring, prioritization, and tracking of urgent issues.
  7. Flexible Authoring: Troubleshooting content is tailored for unique configurations and workflows while integrating new field experiences. 

Guided troubleshooting can help solve many common aircraft issues, but so can integrating something that focuses on defect analysis. This type of software program can change processes, save time, and help teams act quickly, saving money and improving reliability. With the increasing integration of artificial intelligence across various facets of the aviation industry, the potential outcomes of this transformative technology are incredibly promising, holding the power to reshape the industry in unprecedented ways. In the realm of defect analysis, the application of natural language processing and machine learning enables the comprehensive analysis of aircraft defect text, facilitating the automatic grouping of similar issues.

What are the advantages of defect analysis?

Currently in use on 25% of the world’s commercial fleet, Veryon Defect Analysis can uncover recurring defects and previously undetected issues, at both the tail and fleet levels. It can also detect emerging failure modes that are yet to reach critical status. Defect analysis software proactively enables engineers to respond with greater speed and accuracy to reduce delays and aircraft downtime.

When it comes to maintaining large fleets, you’re more than likely putting aircraft maintenance and reliability as your top priorities. If you knew you could experience a reduction in repeat discrepancies, in time spent researching the entire fleet, and in costs across the company, wouldn't you invest in software that could do that and more? Utilizing the right software can streamline the maintenance process right from the get-go. So, ditch the pen-and-paper method that is notoriously known for human error and invest in a solution that can analyze maintenance data by using a proprietary text-mining engine and machine learning to reveal many recurring aircraft defects that are often missed by traditional analysis, improving the accuracy of the overall data by up to 80 percent.

Here are some other benefits of using defect analysis software: 

  1. Chronic Detection: Automatically analyze and group defect text using natural language processing and machine learning.
  2. Custom Notifications: Increase productivity and reduce costs by configuring custom alerts and notifications from your defect management system to instantly notify maintenance personnel, resulting in fewer delays or cancellations. 
  3. Configurable Dashboards: Using custom criteria, analyze defect and chronic trends for individual aircraft views and fleet comparisons.
  4. Synonym Dictionary: Speed is everything. With its powerful and fast search, this defect analysis software allows users to identify chronic defects with spelling variations, synonyms, abbreviations, and more — quickly and efficiently. 
  5. Integrated Reporting: Want to see a specific code, flight, or tail number? A robust set of reporting tools with filtering features and the ability to sort by various criteria allows for this and more.
  6. Custom Filtering: The ability to incorporate and integrate custom data elements from multiple sources as custom filter options for single-source defect analysis. 


Having complete solutions in place for troubleshooting and defect analysis to improve aircraft safety and reliability is second to none. Cloud-based aviation management software is continuing to revolutionize the aviation industry, and this is only the beginning. If you’re ready to incorporate state-of-the-art technology and software solutions that will not only enhance the performance of your team but also your organization, giving you more uptime, contact us today for a free demo!