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Top Software Must-Haves for Corporate Flight Departments

Top Software Must-Haves for Corporate Flight Departments

For corporate flight departments, having the latest software to run your business can mean the difference between being profitable or not. Your team needs accurate, timely information, and the ability to access data immediately to keep your operation running smoothly. Pilots and crew should be able to receive instant notifications on assignments, schedule changes, and other critical details directly on their mobile devices so they can focus on specific requirements for a trip, ultimately saving time and money. But besides ROI, consider how your software may impact your team morale.

Corporate flight teams are fighting to recruit and retain the best team members for their businesses. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, by 2029, the number of millennials in the workforce is expected to grow by 4.5 million. That is the single biggest gain in any one age group over the next decade.  

Today’s new generation of employees want the most modern technology available. Forbes recently reported that it’s not entitlement, but rather an expectation of this generation to have the tools necessary to do their jobs efficiently. Therefore, having the best software can help with employee retention and morale. Businesses that appeal to this prospective employee generation will attract top talent. Millennials, the largest group driving today’s workforce, no longer just ask for top software and tech solutions at their jobs; they expect it.  

For your employees and your bottom line, modern software is a must for any corporate flight department. Here are the top software must-haves to look for when choosing the right solution for your team.  

The top 5 corporate flight department software must-haves

  1. A web-based system – A modern, web and native mobile application will eliminate paperwork, enhance compliance workflows and give your team access to data anywhere, anytime. It will help you make educated decisions about scheduling in an instant because information is accessible and current, reflecting any changes in real time. A robust system is essential for compliance and record keeping. Keeping explicitly accurate records with state-of-the-art technology that is easily accessible will save time, money and stress.
  2. Software that is mobile – Your team is on the go, so your technology should be as well. Make sure it’s mobile. A great solution is easily accessible from a smartphone or tablet. Look for bar code technology that is embedded into the mobile application and can process transactions through QR codes or is able to snap pictures of key forms that can be attached to inventory items in the system.
  3. Single platform – Having a single platform is key. Whether you are an operator with a few or multiple locations, a web-based platform with a single source of truth that integrates the data from across your organization will be incredibly beneficial and can be tailored to your team with a professional dashboard that is user-friendly.
  4. Software that safely streamlines communication – A good software program will have secure, encrypted messaging capabilities that allows your team to communicate effectively, quickly, and safely in an instant with in-app chat capabilities and data that is monitored 24/7 with backups so that all company information is well-protected. Streamlining your communication between crew, schedulers, and maintenance will keep your flights on time. In-app notifications, trip watching, and real-time status updates will help eliminate duplication of work efforts, errors and lag time for information, which are all critical in ensuring the most uptime.
  5. API access – Knowing in an instant the state of your fleet related to inventory and maintenance is crucial. Having a software program that allows you to access your data and use it within third-party applications is key. Data should never be held hostage in today’s modern environment. Corporate flight teams should have the option to build their own integrations when needed and use their data to drive business insights in whatever systems best fit their organizational needs. Access to APIs will reduce the need for data re-entry and increase accessibility and efficiency across the board.

How software can negatively impact the bottom line

Using legacy systems that weren’t built for aviation specifically may be costing you money. If you aren’t able to quickly and easily pull actionable data related to all the aircraft in your fleet, there may be a better solution.

What should corporate flight departments look for in a software solution?

Besides looking for modern, cloud-based technology with the attributes above, here are a few more things to look for specifically in a software solution for your corporate flight department to ensure more uptime. 

  1. Reconciliation reporting tool – A solution that offers a reconciliation report tool will allow your finance team to track transactions faster and with less mistakes when creating reports.
  2. Designed for aviation – A great system is designed specifically for your company and your needs. There are a lot of solutions in the marketplace that are not aviation-specific, and that type of functionality is crucial. A great system is uniquely designed for your corporate flight department with your needs in mind.  
  3. Integrated – Look for a software solution that integrates all of your departments and eliminates technological silos.
  4. 24/7/365 support – The company behind your software needs should provide support around the clock.
  5. API integration – Corporate flight departments should have software that includes API integration for other applications.
  6. Continually updating – A good software solution is also always evolving. Look for a software partner that is continually updating their offering to make their system better and integrating those updates for you.


For corporate flight departments, the goal is always more uptime. Your executive team has places to go and people to see, and delays or glitches in your systems cost time and money.  

Shouldn’t your team have access to the most advanced solution for flight department management, aircraft maintenance, inventory, and operations? A modern software program will not only reduce costs, but it can also help attract and retain top talent, improve reporting accuracy, and eliminate digital silos between departments.  

In today’s world of ever-evolving software, your solution partner should not only be able to provide the latest state-of-the-art software, but also continuous d advances in technology. Contact us today about how you can get a free customized demo!