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Veryon Tracking plays an
integral part in ExecuJet
Charter Services’ ability to remain a leader in the
aviation industry

With Veryon Tracking, ExecuJet Charter was able to achieve a level of
efficiency and productivity that enabled them to continue providing the
unsurpassed service their clients have come to expect over the years.

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For nearly 30 years, ExecuJet Charter Service has been providing its clients with unparalleled service in all areas of private air travel. Based out of Tampa International Airport, ExecuJet has become a leader in the aviation industry. To do this, they have had to stay up to date with the latest systems, especially their maintenance tracking and inventory management tools. Veryon Tracking has played an integral part in ensuring that, by streamlining everything into a single, end-to-end platform. Not only did this save them time and money, but it also gave them peace of mind knowing that everything was organized and easily accessible.

Rob Jones, Director of Maintenance at ExecuJet, and his team were impressed by Veryon Tracking's simple, fully integrated operating system, as well as the ability to access the platform anytime, from anywhere. And let's not forget the cherry on top - 24/7/365 customer support. 

With Veryon Tracking, ExecuJet Charter was able to achieve a level of efficiency and productivity that enabled them to continue providing the unsurpassed service their clients have come to expect over the years. 

About ExecuJet Charter Service

ExecuJet Charter serves all facets of the aviation industry as a Part 91, Part 135, aircraft management, maintenance service, and aircraft sales operation. Their primary objective is to help reduce the cost of ownership through Part 135 charter services, which they have been successfully providing for 30 years across a diverse range of business jet makes and models. 


Tampa, Florida



Company size



Private Air Travel

97% Reduction

in time spent completing a work order

50% Improved Efficiency

at maintenance documenting and processing

The challenge

Before using Veryon Tracking, ExecuJet used multiple software systems to manage their fleet of aircraft for maintenance tracking, financials, PO tracking, parts, and work orders. When trying to manage day-to-day workflows, ExecuJet bounced between systems to perform tasks such as moving parts from inventory to work orders or generating log book entries. These manual and inefficient processes caused delays and wasted time.

The outcome

Moving to Veryon Tracking enabled ExecuJet to use one system across various teams and individuals to manage their fleet of aircraft. Veryon Tracking provided ExecuJet with one operating system that does it all – removing the tedious manual processes – saving time and creating one fully integrated system so collaborating across departments is more efficient. 

“We looked at other maintenance tracking programs, but found that Veryon Tracking was the best solution for our needs. While other platforms were more expensive or lacked certain features, Veryon Tracking checked all the boxes and offered the best value for its price point.”

Rob Jones | Director of Maintenance | ExecuJet Charter Service


At ExecuJet, arrivals and departures are coming and going around the clock. The ExecuJet team is extremely busy each day handling everything from conducting daily line maintenance on the aircraft to inspections, analyzing records, and handling various other responsibilities. 

To maximize efficiency, the company aimed to streamline its maintenance and inventory operations by eliminating manual processes and integrating them into a single platform. Veryon Tracking checked all the boxes and fit their needs perfectly.

In this case study, Rob Jones, Director of Maintenance at ExecuJet, shares his experience using Veryon Maintenance Tracking and Veryon Inventory Management.

Fully integrated operating system

Jones and his team found that using multiple systems for various tasks slowed down their operations. While having multiple monitors helped with their previous maintenance tracking system, it was still confusing with the need to have too many tabs open at once. 

According to Jones, finding a software platform that fulfilled all their requirements was quite a challenge. While other available options provided separate modules for maintenance tracking or operations, their primary goal was to find a unified platform that encompassed all their needs.

Following a live demo of Veryon Tracking at a recent National Business Aviation Association event, Jones says he quickly realized he’d found it! By upgrading to Veryon Tracking, ExecuJet saved a considerable amount of time with more systematic processes.

“Veryon Tracking significantly improved our operational efficiency by consolidating multiple manual processes into a single platform. This eliminated the need for manual data transfer between different programs, enabling our team to streamline their workflows and save a considerable amount of time.

Simplifying work orders

Jones says during the live demo, he was impressed by the simplicity of Veryon Tracking. Since ExecuJet follows the General Maintenance Manual, they needed a platform that allowed them to track various maintenance items and quickly drag them onto the work order.

After completing the work order, ExecuJet could easily review, sign, and generate a logbook entry, enabling crews to quickly return the aircraft to service.

The adaptability in the work order process, combined with the platform's ability to integrate with their organization-specific processes, made Veryon Tracking the perfect choice for Jones and his team. 

“Veryon Tracking offers various options and flexibility that can be tailored to fit any operation, regardless of whether you’re a Part 91, Part 135, or a combination of both. This flexibility makes it easy to integrate Veryon Tracking into any existing system, making it the ideal solution for operators looking to streamline their operations.

Anytime, anywhere access

According to Jones, readiness is paramount for his team. With a web-based maintenance tracking and inventory system, Jones can access critical data at any time, from anywhere. 

The Veryon Tracking mobile app offers secure and dependable access to the information needed, enabling Jones and his team to make maintenance decisions promptly and keep their aircraft operational. With real-time access to the data, they can quickly address issues and get the aircraft back in service.

24/7/365 customer support

Customer support is essential, and Veryon's support team is always available to help. 

They are prompt in responding to any requests, whether it’s something as simple as updating an aircraft record or a more complex issue. Jones says he never has to wait on hold to get the help he needs. 

In addition to phone support, Veryon offers the flexibility to submit requests through email or via the website at The Veryon team is always available to provide the necessary help, regardless of the type of request.

“We can see that they listen. And nowadays, customer service is a challenge in a lot of places. That's not a problem at Veryon. We can always get somebody, and they always listen. It's fantastic.


Overall, Veryon Tracking enabled ExecuJet to have a single platform for their entire flight department, saving them a significant amount of time each day. The platform's simplicity, fully integrated operating system, accessibility, and 24/7/365 customer support were key factors that made Veryon Tracking the ideal solution.

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