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The Return of HAI Heli-Expo

The Return of HAI Heli-Expo

In 2013, the Helicopter Association International (HAI) Heli-Expo attracted an astounding 20,393 visitors from all over the world. Not only is it the largest helicopter exhibit in the world, but it’s also one of the best events in the helicopter space to gather, connect, learn, and celebrate with industry professionals. 

With the annual expo in Atlanta right around the corner (March 6–9, 2023), ATP, the leading provider of information services and software solutions for the aviation industry, is busy preparing for another promising year in attendance. Coming off the heels of their recent announcement of Honeywell authorizing the T55 Turboshaft Engine, the team is looking forward to networking with the thousands in attendance.

Tim Taylor, Senior Vice President for Business Development at ATP, has attended the HAI Heli-Expo four times in the six years he’s been with the team. Below, he shares some background information on the recent Honeywell authorization and the upcoming expo.

Can you tell us more about the HAI Heli-Expo?

Many OEMs, operators, and maintainers of helicopters or components for helicopters attend this show either as exhibitors or attendees. As do companies like ATP, which can provide not only the tech publications for the helicopters but also the Flightdocs platform that manages the actual maintenance of that aircraft. Then we have some other products like Spotlight, which can be used to do full diagnostics on a helicopter. As well as ChronicX, which can be used to analyze recurring defects on helicopters. We’ve also had a very strong presence at HAI and have been a member for many years.  

Why do you personally enjoy attending?

HAI gives me the chance to go out and meet with our OEM partners right in one place and not travel all over the world because they're all going to be there. Leveraging the opportunity to learn helicopter industry news/trends, technology advancements, and OEM business discussions are certainly paramount for me.

Will ATP have a booth at this year’s event?

Before ATP acquired Flightdocs, there used to be a separate Flightdocs booth and a separate ATP booth. Since ATP acquired Flightdocs in 2020, we've merged those two booths to now represent one of the largest providers of software solutions and information services in the aviation industry. So yes, we’ll have a booth.

Let’s talk about Honeywell. Can you explain what it means for Honeywell to be authorizing ATP the T55?

With Honeywell authorizing ATP the T55 Turboshaft Engine (non-export controlled) engine, we now have the ability to provide maintenance publications through our Aviation Hub platform to an organization that is maintaining a T55 engine. Anybody that's managing and maintaining those types of engines can come to ATP to obtain the necessary maintenance publications and regulatory information.  

What does this mean for ATP and for the aviation industry?

The value that we provide to our customers is really ensuring the efficient and safe operation of that aircraft by the utilization of the latest revisions to OEM technical publications and federal regulations to maintain all aspects of the aircraft. From an ATP perspective, we are the world leader in over 146 countries and our customers rely on us to provide them with the publications that they need in order to stay compliant with regulations and keep airplanes and helicopters safe. That’s why thousands of aircraft operators, 25% of the worldwide commercial fleet, and over 100 OEMs all rely on ATP.

Where can attendees visit the ATP booth?

Stop by booth #B3534 to see how ATP’s aircraft maintenance software can give you more uptime, as well as the benefits of going paperless to maximize your operational efficiencies. 

About ATP

ATP is the leading provider of aviation software and information services, supporting more than 75,000 aircraft maintenance professionals and 7,500 customers worldwide. We help everyone from business aviation teams and MROs to airlines and OEMs get their aircraft more uptime. Challenges like unscheduled repairs, part availability, and excessive paperwork lead to too many aircraft spending too much time on the ground. And that leads to needless delays, endless back and forth, and lots of wasted dollars. The key to more uptime is having a better technology platform to manage everything from maintenance and operations to manuals and diagnostics.

That’s why thousands of aircraft operators, 25% of the worldwide commercial fleet, and over 100 OEMs all rely on ATP. And it’s why customers have been able to achieve an average 23% reduction in downtime cost. ATP. Let’s get you more uptime. Learn more at atp.com.