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Top Five Things We Look Forward to at 2021 NBAA BACE

Top Five Things We Look Forward to at 2021 NBAA BACE

The NBAA BACE 2021 program schedule is live, and there are lots of things to do and see. However, there’s not enough time to do everything while you’re there. Have no fear, ATP is here to help plan your experience at BACE by letting you in on the top five things we are looking forward to. There’s no time to waste, BACE is approaching fast so keep on reading.



Number 1: Aircraft Display at Henderson Executive Airport

If you have been or have spoken to anyone who has been to BACE before, you’ve definitely heard of the static aircraft display (and for good reason). The aircraft display is your opportunity to get up close and personal with business aircraft of all makes and models. You can walk around and see all the aircraft and take a step inside. It may not be every event, or every day that you get the chance to get into the cockpit of some of the most iconic and innovative business aircraft on the market.


Many OEM’s use this opportunity to showcase their latest aircraft, and you get an exclusive preview of luxury aircraft that are barely in production. If you are interested in getting a close look at the latest cockpit technology, new aircraft configurations, and aircraft range, then you should check out the static display.


Textron Aviation, Cirrus Aircraft, Dassault Falcon, Bombardier, Embraer, HondaJet, & Airbus Helicopters (among many others) are some of our favorite displays from previous years. 

Number 2: Networking Events & Reconnecting With All of You

After nearly two years, we are so excited to be able to meet up with all our aviation friends, colleagues, customers, & prospects once again! There is no better place than NBAA BACE to network and reconnect with fellow BizAv colleagues. After each day, there are large events designed to socialize with people from all over the industry. If you’re new to the aviation industry, or not, this is a great opportunity to network and engage with the community of aviators. 

Some of the networking events we are most excited for are: 

• NBAA YoPro Networking reception & Helpy Hour – Tuesday October 12th | 5:30 – 7:00 pm

• Maintenance Pavilion Reception – Wednesday October 13th | 3:30 – 4:30 pm 

Corporate Angel Network Fund an Angel Cocktail Reception – Wednesday October 13th | 5:30 – 7:30 pm

Meet with us at booth 1133 and get a live demo of our Flightdocs solution. We have lots of fun activities and giveaways planned, so make sure to stop by!

Number 3: Presentation on the Turnkey Ways to Offset Your Company’s Carbon Footprint

This session will go into detail on the many ways you can transform your flight department and offset your company’s carbon footprint. You will walk away with some insight on how you can begin the process of a “green” operation. Whether or not sustainability is important to you, this session is a must-see.  

The global pandemic gave many aviation businesses the opportunity to rethink and strategize on how to make their operation more sustainable. Being a participant in the NBAA-BACE Green Pledge, sustainability is very important to us. Our products and solutions help to make aviation more sustainable by digitizing aircraft maintenance and promoting a paperless operation

Number 4: See All the Aviation Product & Technology Advancements

One of the best parts of BACE is walking the floor and getting a closer look at all the enhancements made to the products and technology the industry offers. It has been a while since we have exhibited at an event, and our products have had significant enhancements. In the last two years, we have integrated Flightdocs with the Aviation Hub, integrated Flightdocs Maintenance & Inventory for allocating parts work orders, and have added lots of new features to Flightdocs

Aviation Product

We are looking forward to seeing all the new technology, and improvements made to existing technology at BACE.  

Number 5: The MMEL/MEL update: Do you know what you don’t know?

Understanding an MMEL/MEL, its parts, usage, and rules is a critical piece of optimizing aircraft utilization. The MEL is crucial because it is customized to your operation, and tells the crew and mechanic the specific requirements at the time of departure. Going to this session will leave you with a better understanding of how to incorporate an MEL into your operation and making sure you are staying in compliance. ATP is proudly sponsoring this session. 

Considering ATP has a Mastering MELs webinar series (Part 1 and Part 2), this session is on our list! We also have a blog all about clearing up the confusion with MELs, MMELs, and NEFs to help you turn delayed maintenance into timely resolutions, check it out here.  

Bonus Number 6: Small Operator Symposium

Held in conjunction with NBAA BACE, the Small Operator Symposium is kicks off the day before NBAA BACE, and provides great insight on aviation safety. Managing a small flight department has many difficulties, and this event helps alleviate some of the struggles that come with that. If you want to hear from subject matter experts, and engage in activities during each session, then this will be for you. ATP is proudly sponsoring the 2021 Small Operator Symposium. 

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