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with Veryon Tracking+   

Veryon Tracking+ (formerly Rusada ENVISION) has enhanced Airwork's
operation by taking them paperless and making their fleet more
efficient and reliable than ever.

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Airwork operates a wide range of aviation services, and one of its key roles is operating ACMI services for three major freight suppliers across Australia and New Zealand, using a fleet of Boeing 737s. 

About the customer

Airwork is a global aviation provider with the unique capability to provide a fully tailored service from heavy maintenance and engineering through to operations and charter of aircraft based out of Auckland, New Zealand.


Auckland, New Zealand



Company size


The challenge

Airwork's main challenge was inaccuracy of their data and the administrative burden of paperwork. Due to their geographical location, they could not easily track and communicate with their aircraft. In addition, their data was recorded on paper logs and then uploaded into two separate systems. This meant missed journeys, and time delays in loading journey logs into the system. 

The outcome

The implementation of Veryon Tracking+ brought significant benefits to Airwork. With continuous GPS tracking, the team can now monitor aircraft locations at any point of the journey. That data is now accessible in Veryon as soon as the aircraft has landed and is up to date, as Tracking+ can automatically update hours and cycles against aircraft records. Best of all, no more paper logs. 

Integrating with partners

Airwork acquired Sky Connect satellite trackers from Honeywell and installed these across their entire fleet of aircraft. Meanwhile, Veryon created a data link from Sky Connect's tracking portal directly into Veryon Tracking+ along with a sequencing process to ensure data was loaded correctly.

Operating paperless

With the integration of Sky Connect and Veryon Tracking+ ensuring the OOOI data (Gate Out, Wheels Off, Wheels On, Gate In) is being recorded accurately, the Airwork team can now create real time reports and dashboards to analyze journeys and notifications to identify exceptions. 

"The key reasons behind the success of this project were the flexibility and sophistication of Veryon Tracking+ and Veryon's willingness to help us improve our operations. We now see Veryon as a key partner to our business rather than just another supplier. We look forward to working on more exciting projects with them in the future."

Brian Porter | Airworks

Customer support and onboarding experience 

The Airwork team was very satisfied with the customer onboarding process and support, participating in weekly meetings with Veryon’s Customer Success team. The behind-the scenes IT support provided by the Veryon Team was appreciated as well, helping Airwork seamlessly integrate the system into their operations.


In conclusion, Veryon Tracking+ has revolutionized Airwork by taking them paperless, making their operations more efficient than ever. By implementing Veryon Tracking+, they were able to:

  1. Seamlessly Integrate: Veryon Tracking+ integrated with Airwork's other partners to bring their data into one platform. 
  2. Enhance Accuracy: The new data link between Sky Connect and Veryon ensures data is being recorded in the correct order.
  3. Save time: The reliability of Veryon Tracking+ allows Airwork to work with real-time data no matter where they are in the world, spending less time on paperwork and more time in the air. 

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