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airbus fleetmaster 

Discover our light maintenance information system developed
in partnership with Airbus Helicopters.

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Streamlined airworthiness and maintenance software

FleetMaster is designed for small/medium sized operators, maintainers, and managers of Airbus Helicopters.

The system can also incorporate fixed wing aircraft and helicopters from other OEMs for those that have mixed fleets, allowing you to adopt one solution instead of several.



What does FleetMaster do?

FleetMaster enables you to manage:

Airworthiness activities

Maintenance execution

Inventory management

FleetMaster is based on our industry-leading software Veryon Tracking+, and enables access to all the data, tools, and insights required to efficiently run your operations.

FleetMaster differs from Veryon Tracking+ in that it is a simplified and streamlined system, pre-configured for small/medium rotary operations. This results in greatly reduced implementation times, allowing you to adopt the system in weeks rather than months.

As a part of the Airbus Connected Services range, FleetMaster seamlessly connects to other Airbus platforms, such as FleetKeeper, to ensure an uninterrupted stream of data.

Want to see FleetMaster in Action?

View our FleetMaster webinar series which features in-depth demonstrations of the software.

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