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Improving Aircraft Management with Real-Time Data: flyExclusive's Transition to Veryon

Improving Aircraft Management with Real-Time Data: flyExclusive's Transition to Veryon

When it comes to aviation management software, innovative technology continues to revolutionize the industry, allowing aviation to propel toward a safer, more efficient, and more sustainable future.

Joe Nelson, Senior Vice President of Maintenance for flyExclusive, is an aviation professional with a military background of 27 years. Like most in the aviation space, he understands the importance of real-time data paired with resource availability and how the right provider of aviation software and information services can completely transform operations for an organization.



"CAMP, the previous software company we worked with, was very restrictive on what we could access in terms of information," said Joe. "If we needed to extract data for real-time reporting or do updates in real time, it was very slow to update and hard to access.


As flyExclusive continued to experience repetitive issues with CAMP, the time finally came when they needed to cut their losses and look for a more reliable platform.

From single aircraft operators to mixed fleets, Veryon Tracking offers four fully integrated modules: Maintenance Tracking, Inventory Management, Flight Operations, and Work Center. Users can access a comprehensive suite of tools designed to deliver integrated and optimized aircraft management and maintenance processes by providing real-time visibility into data across departments.

So far, Joe is pleased with how Veryon, the leading aviation software and information services provider, has completely revolutionized the organization's operations through its Tracking platform. “Veryon is much more responsive when I need something updated or applied,” added Joe. “Much more than CAMP ever was.”

In a recent Q-and-A session, Joe shared his experience as a prior CAMP customer, how he has successfully switched their fleet to Veryon Tracking, and how continuous investment in Veryon products and infrastructure ensures users have the most advanced tools while giving peace of mind that data is always secure and accessible. 


What specific issues with CAMP prompted your switch to Veryon Tracking?

A: The decision to switch to Veryon Tracking stemmed from several specific issues we encountered with CAMP. One major concern was the lack of real-time tracking capabilities, which hindered our ability to monitor our assets effectively. We found CAMP's interface cumbersome and unintuitive, making navigating and extracting actionable insights challenging. If we wanted to pull PowerBI or Tableau reports, CAMP was very slow to update and hard to access if you wanted to extract the data in real time. Veryon's increased capability to create APIs allowed us to seamlessly integrate our existing systems and workflows, enhancing data interoperability and enabling more efficient processes. There was also a cost issue that drove me to shop for something else. It just seemed like a significant cost for something that wasn't giving us a return on investment as far as a service that was usable. So overall, the limitations of CAMP in terms of functionality, user experience, and responsiveness drove us to look for something to replace CAMP.


Can you outline the primary differences in user experience between Veryon and CAMP?

A: Veryon offers a sleek and intuitive interface that is easy to navigate, providing users with a seamless experience from start to finish. Unlike CAMP, which can be clunky and complicated to use, Veryon's user-friendly design enhances efficiency and productivity. Veryon's real-time tracking capabilities far surpass those of CAMP, giving its users timely and actionable insights to optimize their operations effectively. With CAMP, you have to manually go in, update everything, and then wait for a clean report to get posted. With Veryon, you can see the real-time progression of everything. Technicians on the floor can sign off on tasks as they go through the job, which minimizes us from calling and asking for updates or meeting twice a day to see where we are at on things. It’s a real-time way to see what’s happening at any time. Another difference is the ability to create APIs in Veryon, which allows seamless integration with other systems, further enhancing our user experience and data interoperability.


Were there noticeable cost advantages with Veryon compared to CAMP?

A: Yes, there were noticeable cost advantages associated with transitioning to Veryon from CAMP. While both platforms offer robust asset tracking and management features, Veryon provides a more cost-effective solution without compromising functionality or reliability. We have achieved significant cost savings by leveraging Veryon's competitive pricing structure. If you're looking at cost savings beyond just the subscription fees, the real benefits come from increased productivity and efficiency. With Veryon, we now spend about 20% less time on paperwork and maintenance tasks. Our processes have become more streamlined, leading to less downtime for our aircraft during maintenance. This improved workflow ultimately translates to significant savings by maximizing our fleet's operational uptime.


How has Veryon's 24/7/365 U.S.-based customer support benefited your operations?

A: As a Part 135 operator providing charter services, our flights typically operate from 8 a.m. to, let's say, 8 p.m. Our maintenance essentially starts around 8:30 p.m., and if you have to wait until your analyst responds to you from CAMP, it could be the difference of you missing an entire day of revenue. The 24/7/365 responsiveness provided by Veryon makes a significant difference for us. The accessibility of knowledgeable support staff around the clock has enabled us to promptly address any issues or concerns, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. Whether it's troubleshooting technical issues or seeking guidance on optimizing our platform utilization, Veryon's responsive customer support team has consistently delivered exceptional service, enhancing our operations' overall reliability and effectiveness. The increased capability to create APIs in Veryon has allowed us to tailor the platform to our specific needs, with support readily available to assist with any customization requirements.

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Which specific integrations or features of Veryon were most valuable compared to CAMP?

A: The accessibility through the APIs is the biggest thing for us. We use a program called AirTable for our operations, and with Veryon's integrations, we've been able to link different data points seamlessly. For instance, we can see current aircraft availability by integrating Veryon's data into AirTable, producing a Tableau report. This integration doesn't add any extra work and provides maximum visibility across our organization. It's allowed us to connect various applications like Bluetail, and Omega Air and we are currently working on integrations with accounting software. Veryon's accessibility and continuous support from their development team have been instrumental in our operations, especially as we continue to expand. Security is also a top priority, and Veryon ensures that our data remains secure even as we connect multiple applications. When it comes to standout features, Veryon's robust real-time tracking capabilities provide unparalleled visibility into the location and status of our assets at all times. The customizable reporting and analytics tools have empowered us to extract actionable insights and drive informed decision-making, ultimately optimizing our operational efficiency and performance.



With an integrated aviation management software platform, customers can empower themselves every day, knowing they have the most advanced tools and the peace of mind that data is always secure and accessible.

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